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● Resident Evil - Leon S. Kennedy - Devil Trigger ●

 GMV ● Resident Evil - Leon S. Kennedy - Devil Trigger ● Editor LeonsKennedy4815

If you're confused about GMV definition and standard, my BFF Emily - LeonsKennedy4815 will give you the highest guidelines!
LeonsKennedy4815 has very skilled video editing skills. Although her YouTube activities less than before, but, everytime she published a new work that always make me stunned.
She has never satisfied for her achievements or let her video editing skills at a standstill.
She always make me know there are so many things I still have to learn about video editing.
Know her so many years on YouTube, I always feel so lucky! Nowadays so-called video editor is really hard to find a friendly and true just like her.
Picked up 3 my favorite works. Enjoy with me (because there are some editing skills I need to learn from these videos XD and thanks to Archer for the post πŸ™)!
Ah, btw, she's a super Leon S. Kennedy fan... if you ask me... (´・Ο‰・`) - Jesse

● Resident Evil - I'm Ready

 GMV ● Resident Evil - I'm Ready ● Editor LeonsKennedy4815

● Resident Evil - Leon S. Kennedy - World So Cold ●

 GMV ● Resident Evil - Leon S. Kennedy - World So Cold ● Editor LeonsKennedy4815


 LeonsKennedy4815 YouTube Channel Background

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