Saint Seiya:聖闘士星矢・AMV1

Saint Seiya:聖闘士星矢・AMV subject was a total 5 music videos project. The original intention was to commemorate Shingo Araki.
For this project, I spent a week to watch the whole Saint Seiya TV, OVA and Movie series. Ah, what I mean is that only Shingo Araki's Saint Seiya. TV series - Chapter Sanctuary, Chapter Asgard and Chapter Poseidon. Then OVAs - Chapter Sanctuary, Chapter Inferno and Chapter Elysion. And then Movie series - Evil Goddess Eris, The Heated Battle of the Gods, The Legend of Crimson Youth, Warriors of the Final Holy Battle and Heaven Chapter: Overture (Because Warriors of the Final Holy Battle was design by Naoi Masahiro so we didn't use it to edit into our project.).
After I understood the whole history of Shingo Araki's Saint Seiya. I totally couldn't continue to watch other derivative works (Don't argue with me, my art sense is absolutely superior. Gundam or Death Note whatever style character design of Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas really not my cup of tea. Saint Seiya Ω only was Toei Animation intended to fool new generation. I even have no any idea those people excited Netflix try to reboot this epic anime what for? Look what has Netflix done to Death Note? pfft).
Araki Sensei passed away 6 years, there is still no any chance to enjoy this kind of beautiful style from other animes. At least for now... Through the AMV, I presented the most sincere respect to him - Shingo Araki. - Jesse

Saint Seiya聖闘士星矢AMV1

 A fan made AMV Saint Seiya:聖闘士星矢・AMV1 / Images & Background Music Edited by personaapollo personasnowvilliers of Persona Group

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