Men's Reunion・Resident Evil:Vendetta

Men's Reunion・Resident Evil:Vendetta was Group's activity project at last weekend that submitted by me. I very appreciated Snorre helped me for the background music, Aetos chose the scenes and Jas helped the image effects. The whole MV rid of the same old style from the past, and into a violence aesthetics of heroic acting edition (As I heard whom watched Resident Evil:Vendetta that fighting scenes totally reminded John Wick style lol).

For some cases, we didn't very openly published this project as we treated it like a leisure and entertainment event. But I've to say that's a very high level fan works. - Archer

Men's Reunion・Resident Evil:Vendetta

 Resident Evil:Vendetta / バイオハザード:ヴェンデッタ / 惡靈古堡:血仇

 A fan made AMV Men's Reunion‧Resident Evil:Vendetta
 Images, Sound Effects & Background Music edited by Persona Group

 Theme Music:Exponential Decay by Kári Sigurðsson

 Posted by Edward



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