Final Fantasy XV:Episode Prompto Theme・Version I was a simply OST music video though, but the image itself hangs a secret tale behind. Personal part, it's a painful experience during render the clean version title image (I didn't carefully think about the process would take such a lot of time). But, the image without title text was so wonderful! Along with watching Prompto each emotional move while listening to sorrowful theme music (It seemed never ending as I was able to stare the screen forever lol). Be honest, it's kind of unwilling to submit a such beautiful image so I'd put snow cover on it and kept the original clean version for myself only.
And also note that the title image only featured for the first time gameplay only. After completed the game once, the title will change another one (Even if you replay new game that seemed not working to make the first title image show up again). That's why I only keep the clean version for myself to satisfy my selfishness lol - Jas

Final Fantasy XVEpisode Prompto Theme・Version I

Tell Me. Were You Worried About Me?

My Whole Life, All I Ever Wanted Was Friends... But No One Ever Wanted Me Back. So When I Finally Found People Who Did Want Me, I Did Everything I Could To Make Them Stay. And Ever Since Then, I've Lived My Life In Fear: That, One Day, They'd Find Out Who I Really Was, And They Wouldn't Want Me anymore. - Prompto Argentum

A fan made GMV Final Fantasy XV:Episode Prompto Theme・Version I

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FINAL FANTASY XV:The Death Of Cactuars & Slactuars・仙人掌大屠殺

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Infinite Lustful Blazing Semen・Immortal Promise Of The Wolves

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