Final Fantasy XV:Episode Prompto Theme・Version II! It's a music video for Episode Prompto 2nd version title OST in the game (I originally thought that would be very easy but... Jas! You tricked me! >_< Its details were more complicated than 1st version! Grrr However... the result turned out to be great! ^_^).
Yahoo ♥ ♥ ♥ I love this episode plot so much! Even if you never deep understanding Prompto before, after you played Episode Prompto, I'm sure that you'll start to fall in love with this character. In addition to historical hostility origins between The kingdom of Lucis and The Empire of Niflheim, for Noct and Prompto, I always compared them to each other as light and shadow. Personally, I'm sure that earlier Prompto's story background more complicated actually than we know from the anime series or DLC.

In short, this DLC solved most of questions in the main game except for the ending final boss of DLC itself (Only ridding the machine gun snowmobile, then defeated the strongest monster who known as the overriding power over six Gods... Why don't just let itself failed in the mutant during Prompto fought it? That would be more logical, right?).
Last, after hours, I finally completed this image's clean version! Of course, as Jas did, the final version also covered lens effect but I guarantee you'll very enjoy Prompto's kawaii moves while listening the OST (Yeah, the clean version only for Group members lol). - Sherry

Final Fantasy XVEpisode Prompto Theme・Version II

Tell Me. Were You Worried About Me?

Honestly, I Don't Know For Sure If They're Going To Accept Me For Who I Really Am. But I'll Never Know If I Don't Speak Up, So I'm Gonna Tell 'em. After All, It's My Life To Live. - Prompto Argentum

A fan made GMV Final Fantasy XV:Episode Prompto Theme・Version II

Images & Background Music Edited by personacyparissus Sherry of Persona Group

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