Tyraneant Returns:Final Fantasy XV GMV・Legendary Afro Theme

Truly enjoyed Tyraneant Timed Quest Of course, it absolutely worth the time to get rewards. (Get 35 Wind-up Lord Vexxos from Tyraneant battles! No from bought it with QP! I have to say that's fucking awesome task hahaha) Finally, the task was ended (Be honest, Garula task is a flop one again... spent a day to play and then only could get a few QP to buy one Wind-up Lord Vexxos. Ahhh no more! Wait for next task). For now, let's enjoy the result with our latest GMV - Tyraneant Returns:FINAL FANTASY XV GMV・Legendary Afro Theme. - Snorre

Tyraneant ReturnsFINAL FANTASY XV GMV・Legendary Afro Theme

 Tyraneant Returns:FINAL FANTASY XV GMV・Legendary Afro Theme / Parry Link and Back Attack clips collection

 Images & Background Music Edited by Persona Group

 Afro Theme by Afrojack

 Battle Tips

Limit Break Spells
Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga (Each created with Wind-up Lord Vexxos x 2)

Commando Abilities
Ignis Techniques: Enhancement / (Befriend) Gladiolus Techniques: Dawnhammer & Impulse / (Befriend) Prompto Techniques: Recoil

Necessary Items And Weapon
Megalixir / (Befriend) Power EX / (Befriend) Verve WX / Afro Sword

Prepared Stuffs

Platinum Snapshots

 Snapshots by Snorre & Jesse

Under Reaper's Watching

 Snapshots by Jas

Only Two Of Us

 Snapshots by Jesse


 Snapshots by Aetos


 Snapshots by Harlock


 Snapshots by Jake

Before posting, as we knew that Garula Timed Quest came out. In addition to the number of hunting, is there any news can be found? Let's wait and see... - Edward

Note / Under Reaper's Watching

Do you see? The last snapshot rendered a skull cloud, that's so creepy lol - Jas

 Posted by Archer & Edward

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Jake & Sherry 
Yama & Harlock
and Edward

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Tyraneant Returns:FINAL FANTASY XV Gameplay・氷と火と雷のラグナロク

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