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Derek Ngo aka Derek P. N. finally reboot his work online. I'm very willing to introduce him here not only he helped me to complete my main Blog projects as Lazn, Volt Krueger did, but also his very kind personality just like SFManski.
This time he's back with very positive energy for his planning as he created his own Patreon page.

If you enjoyed my Final Fantasy XIII Snow and Noel Series, also interested the original animator of the animated clips, sincerely welcome follow his web pages!

Derek Ngo Tumblr

Derek Ngo Patreon

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Derek Ngo in Persona Group

Reference Derek Previous Combined Works

Final Fantasy XIII Series Top Secret Events V:Wolves Snow Guys Infinite Lustful Flames Promise

Snow's Religion!!! Finale: Infinite Lustful Blazing Semen・Immortal Promise Of The Wolves

Final Fantasy XIII Series MirrorS Episode III:ERRORS・The Chapter Of Caius Ballad

Last, I special thank to Derek here for his secret animated gift! Along with Volt and Gian's help, now Derek gave me the last gold piece to make me be able to reboot my DMC project finally! Million thanks! - Persona Group Plus

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Snow's Religion!!!

Battle Theme

Enamoured Masturbation Theme

Infinite Lustful Blazing Semen・Immortal Promise Of The Wolves

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