ONE-PUNCH MAN 一拳超人:OP Version 2・Genos

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ONE-PUNCH MAN 一拳超人:OP Version 2・Genos

Ciao 皆さん :3
The Second Version of One-Punch Man - The Chapter Of Genos / 鬼サイボーグ・ジェノス編 was edited by me :)
I didn't read the manga series. Therefore, my Genos figure imagination all was from anime series.
But I'm very sure that Genos should be the most popular role in the series since I watched the anime series.
Because in my thoughts, as a cyborg, Genos always make an all-out effort just as he owned pure human nature far more than other so-called human being.
OK. Welcome to enjoy my One-Punch Man OP version :D - Noel Kreiss

ONE-PUNCH MAN 一拳超人:OP Version 3・License-less Rider & Heroes

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