Greet Lightning's Final Battle...

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Who has been Guided Lightning into a Fate of Deception and Manipulated Mutual Confrontation and Conflict!?
Greet Lightning's Final Battle...To settle dominated all deceptions of mastermind!

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Opening Movie
Confronts The Savior Arrival

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII will be released on 21th November. Just want to write a little bit miscellaneous notes about it...
Nooo I can't help myself! I have to do this!!! lol

Always feel tense when Lightning figure out the culprit for all events behind is Bhunivelze (the supreme God Buniberzei) who has been guided her into a destiny of deception and manipulated mutual confrontation and conflict, and how would she faces her decisions which she made to save or sacrifice before?
Snow, Noel, Hope, Vanille, Fang, Sazh, Caius and Yeul, even Serah... all fates are in her hands.

All Lumina gave to Lightning that would be help or trap in the end?
Become the spokesman for the deceased - Cid, he would give Lightning what kind of enlightenment message?
Greet Lightning's Final Battle...
To settle dominated all deceptions of mastermind!

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Count Down Begin!
More 7 days● The supreme God Bhunivelze (Buniberzei) is coming●

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