Second Trivial Project:Movie Trailer Contest Game I

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Post Written by Archer

Works Judges: 
Edward, Sherry, Jake, Yama and Harlock

1. Choose a unreleased movie. 
2. Edit your work to make it like the original movie trailer which you choose. 
 3. Cut it cool, straight and make it own personal style but don't do plot description or spoiler stuff. 
 4. Strictly prohibited use image effects. 
5. Time length 90 ~ 150 seconds. 

Works winner of the outcome score be independently decided by Group all members voting.

No clear deadline but don't make us wait 'til fall asleep. 
May seek advice and assistance but make sure to complete work for yourself alone. 
Each judge owned a star for each contest works, a star's scores equally divided between Innovation and Style. 
Every judge just simply send the vote to Group terminus channel. 

Contest Works 

THOR The Dark World 
雷神索爾 黑暗世界 /トール 暗い世界 

Scores ★★★★★

Submitted by Jesse / personaapollo

Pacific Rim Let's Go Fishing Edition 
環太平洋 華納戰隊 / パシフィック・リム

Scores ★★★★ 

Submitted by Snorre / personasnowvilliers

The Wolverine Broken Steel Claws Edition 金鋼狼 武士之戰

Scores ★★★★★

Submitted by Aetos / personahyacinth

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Heart of Legend Edition 
波西傑克森 妖魔之海 / パーシー・ジャクソンとオリンポスの神々2 魔海の冒険

Scores ★★★1/2

Submitted by Jacinthe / personacyparissus

R.I.P.D. Tough Day Edition 降魔戰警

Scores ★★★1/2

Submitted by Archer / personaarcher

Entries are still continuing to publish...

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