Actually the Alternative Ending of FINAL FANTASY XV EPISODE IGNIS caused an uproar in Group lol The Original Ending of Episode Ignis was perfectly connected Chapter 9 of the main game's follow-up plot. As a close friend or brother, Ignis did live up to Regis' trust. Also we're be able to figure out Noctis' growth process during Chapter 9 ~ Chapter 14. Ignis' tears were priceless and heartbreaking in the ending scene. That's why we loved uncle Noct very much because of his maturity.
Basically Episode Ignis with the Original Ending contents filled blanks in the main game. I'm sure that critics would give it 9 out of 10. But the Alternative Ending wasn't lol It totally became a personal heroism extra story (The story straightly cut into the Chapter 13 after Chapter 9. Its Ending was touching and serene fantasy but so many bugs from beginning.).
The Extra Chapter had a very far-fetched reason while Ardyn tried to take Ignis away. Why Ardyn's facial expression full of hen no ojisan!? Lol There's no any reason to highlight Ignis' special value for Ardyn as he killed Luna without any hesitation (We knew Ardyn already flew away by ship. He came back again that's already very hard-pressed plot...and now; come with me, Ignis ♥ - Jas *sweats*).
Therefore difficult for you to think for a moment. Maybe Ignis should launched a transaction when Ardyn tried to stab Noct. More like - "Don't hurt Noct, I'll take you to The Ring of the Lucii hiding place!" and so on. The plot beginning may be smoother a bit... Right?
But it's really an outstanding DLC of Season Pass season one DLCs. We really enjoyed it! Annnd most members of Group already went crazy because of failed to defeat Noct in Extra Battle LOL Alright! See you next post ✌️ - Archer

FINAL FANTASY XVEpisode Ignis Main Theme・Version 1

FINAL FANTASY XVEpisode Ignis Main Theme・Version 2

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