DEAD OR ALIVE:BAYMAN's Dirty Little Secret・Mating Candid Camera Event


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Heh. I Guess I'm All Grown Up Now.
- Bayman -

Have you become a soldier all of a sudden? After Bayman had rape Rig in a blazing duel on the beach.
Bayman continued his journey searching for kill his army brothers murderer.
In fact, Bayman couldn't help but evilly lustful snickered already concealed camera his manful robust muscle body's fierce mating attack to let Rig succumbed to his crotch whole process with his sophisticated small military video camera.
However, what results would be shot with an advanced camera about his around the clock infinite lustful mating?
Through Bayman's flame eyes, what he saw?

Alan Smithee's
BAYMAN's DIrty Little Secret
Mating Candid Camera Event

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Cutscenes Edition

DEAD OR ALIVE:BAYMAN's DIrty Little Secret・Mating Candid Camera Event

So it's life or death... hm?

DEAD OR ALIVE:BAYMAN's Dirty Little Secret・Mating Candid Camera Event was a speedy manufacturing short film made by Alan Smithee.
Story purely descriptive Bayman flashback his infinite lustful merry acts after he raped Rig.
As creator title - Alan Smithee, this creation not only has no much information, also just a pure entertain themselves of the work.

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