Taylor Swift:BAD BLOOD・世紀末聖女伝説 Part I


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Taylor Swift:BAD BLOOD世紀末聖女伝説 Part I


BAD BLOOD was Taylor Swift recently published song from her album 1989.
We simply enjoyed the MV so created some GIF files with our free time, furthermore strongly recommended it to our group friends!
Taylor Swift:BAD BLOOD・世紀末聖女伝説 was our 10th Trivial Project.
Named the post title 世紀末聖女伝説, because the MV suddenly brought back my reminiscence for a Japan TV series - スケバン刑事...
Okay, I'm a weirdo (even if the same age as 22-year-old guys who would know that wtf TV shows) lol Anyway, it's another long story since I was a kid.
I have to say that Jake and I released these postings purely personal factors (finally, I fully enjoyed the power of the main blog writer lol)
Enjoy! This MV really is incredible!

 Post by Archer

 - Archer Hyur -

Taylor Swift BAD BLOOD

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Taylor Swift:BAD BLOOD世紀末聖女伝説 Part II

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