Final Fantasy X Top Secret Event Seymour's Infinitely Lustful Sexual Intercourse of Cloister of Trials


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 Causes of event was Tidus had obtain Seymour's Infinitely Promiscuous Lust Sphere... He never know where it came from. One day, after he woke up, the Sphere had been in his hand. 
With the passage of time, Tidus also increasingly addictive for the Sphere mysterious power... 
Another day, Tidus saw an abnormal scene of fayth for summoning, it activated the Sphere more powerful promiscuous lust energy. 
 Finally, Tidus fell into an infinitely promiscuous lust dream and sink in sexual intercourse with Seymour forever...

Article by Jacinthe

post by  Archer & Jesse & Jacinthe

◆ The unparalleled Seymour's Sphere can only hidden in Lazn L's Blog...
Seeking Seymour's Sphere in Lazn L's Blog for viewing this Top Secret Event. ◆

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Final Fantasy X Top Secret Event 
Seymour's Infinitely Lustful Sexual Intercourse of Cloister of Trials 

Story Written by Jesse / personaapollo 

Event Images created by Lazn L 

Works Images & Background Music Re-edited by 
Jesse / personaapollo & Jacinthe / personacyparissus & Snorre / personasnowvilliers & Aetos / personahyacinth

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